Sunday, May 8, 2011

RA small mothers day trip! 5/8/11

I woke up this morning with my list but decided to give it a break. Left my list at home and off i went to visit my mom. On our way home i decided to stop by ( i cant stay away! haha ) and get a few of the tylenol precise things. I knew they would be gone real soon if not already. The first store had ZERO.Someone took them all. The second store had the 5 i wanted and around 4 more! Yay!

What we got...

5 Tylenol precises- $5.00 each
1 Pack of trident gum- .88

Before Sales and Coupons-$41.24
After Sales/before coupons-$25.88
After Coupons/paid- .88