Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

1. When did you start Couponing?

I started Couponing when i was 18 years old.

2. HOW did you start couponing?

Well,  I had a baby at 18 and I never wanted to be one of those girls that have babies at a young age and ask their parents for help and or money or depend on them for whatever other reason. I wanted to find a way to make our money stretch as far as possible. I never wanted to have to ask for help. One day i realized how much money was going into all of these little items that everyone needs, like soap 8.00 for a pack, shampoo 4-5.00 a bottle,etc. I KNEW there had to be a way that we didn't have to pay that much for things like that. What i first decided to do was buy store brand everything. We did that for a few months then realized we weren't really saving much money at all by doing that! The store brands were only change less than name brand products. I knew i had to find another way, then it hit me...COUPONS! I first was a little nervous about what people would think if i were to turn to coupons. I figured people would look at me like im just "Lazy & Cheap" blah blah blah. I still gave it a chance and within 2 weeks i had about 12 packs of diapers, lotions,razors,soap,cosmetics galore for only about $40.00 out of my pocket! I was hooked! I started to not give 2 craps about what people thought about me. If anything i was SMART!  I always knew coupons could save you a dollar or two but I NEVER thought i could get so many products for FREE or dirt cheap! I started looking online for coupons and found printable coupon sites and forums where people did stuff like this and  it all happened from there! Now, 3 years later I'm in love with couponing, I am now what you would call a "super couponer",Its become like a full time job, I  have a Stockpile, ( Food & Non food!) I have two binders Filled to the top with coupons and i NEVER pay full price for anything! I save over $6,500 a year! I will never need to buy deodorant, toilet paper, shampoo, soaps, baby products or anything like that again! Not only that, but  I now get diapers for $3.00 or less instead of $9.00- $20.00 a pack. Couponing has become such a big part of me and it's something i will never stop doing. I cringe to the thought of paying full price for something!  Okay, i really could go on and on about couponing, so i will just save that for another post! 

3.How do you get so many coupons?

Multiple Papers!! The rule of thumb when starting out is to buy as many papers and the number of members in your family....

ex. you, your spouse, 2 kids= 4 papers a week

Once you get the hang of that, buy as many as you would like to start a stockpile, but please start small!

As for how many I get...i always get between 5 and 10 papers a week, on a really really good week i will get 25. ( I do NOT pay 1.75 for each or else that wouldnt be saving money! LOL)

TIP: Sunday Papers are only 1.00 at Dollar Tree! So if you have one, that's the place to be! Also, ask any family member who read the paper if you can have their inserts.

4. How do you store your coupons?

Me? I store my coupons in a coupon binder i made and into a File holder..... see my post  HERE for pictures and a step by step about how i do it!

There are many other methods out there! Even for the busy people out there! ;0)

5.  I get overwhelmed when keeping a binder, do you have any tips?

Yes.. take a break...find another method that suits you! I will make another post with other methods to store your coupons! But seriously, when you feel like everything is too much, take a deep breathe and just take a break for a week or two!

6. What do you do when there is no stock at a store  on the items that are on your list?

RAINCHECK RAINCHECK RAINCHECK!  Rainchecks usually give you 30 days to buy the product at the sale price thats written on it.  Rainchecks can be amazing as long as the product comes back in stock before the  coupon for that product expires!

7.  What store or stores do you frequent?

I am a RiteAid & CVS girl for sure! As for Grocery stores, I frequent ACME, GIANT, Wegmans, Bottom Dollar Foods.  

If there are really good deals i will do...Weis, Walmart, Kmart, Target, Shop rite, Genuardis, SuperFresh, etc.  I also make sure to stop at any grocery store we don't have when im away! 

8. Do you ever feel like stopping couponing all together?

Absolutely, there are times where i feel like i just need a break but everytime i try, i just cant do it! I just LOVE couponing! 

9.  What do you do when you have trouble at the store with cashiers/ managers,etc.?

 I stay calm and explain to them what the problem is. Some people don't know their policy so i make sure to always carry each stores Coupon Policy in my binder. If they have a problem and i know i am right, i pull that baby out and bam the problem is over!  I will say i have had terrible experiences with some cashiers who automatically give me an attitude for using coupons, i've had one actually get in my face. Times like these, you ask to see a manager, if they dont do anything about it, then its time to contact corporate and guess what? I have every stores Corp. number in my phone! I will not allow someone to treat me that way! You shouldn't either!  

10. How do you know what stores take what kinds of coupons?

Go to your stores website beforehand and print out a copy of their coupon policy. On the policy it will tell you what kinds of coupons they will and will not accept. Some stores do not accept coupons at all and some will even DOUBLE them! Saweeetttt!  Some stores also do not accept internet printed Coupons and some will.... Check the website for a policy or call the customer service desk at your store!!

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