Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sundays Trip Totals!

I'm going to start grouping all of my trips for the same day, together. I did not do that this week since i took pictures of them separate! Anywho, Here are today's totals!!

35 items...
Total Merchandise before Sales- $ 111.31
Total Merchandise After Sales/before Coupons-$ 70.27
Total Paid After Coupons for all-$ 13.18

Total should* Of been out of pocket - $ 7.19

Got back a total of -$12.49 in rewards! 

Rite Aid Trip 3/27

Heres todays Rite Aid trip!  I must say im not too happy about this one due to the cashier taking some coupons that he never scanned. Still did pretty good though!

What we got...

2 AirWick freshmatics $6.49 ea (one not pictured since already in use! hehe)
2 Old Spice Body washes- $3.99 ea
2 Old Spice Deodorants- $ 2.50 ea
2 Stayfree pads- $2.49 ea
10 Trident Vitality Gums- 1.29 BOGO 

Before Sales and Coupons- $ 63.84
After Sales and before Coupons-$ 32.49
After Coupons and total paid- $ 6.88
Got back - $ 5.49 In rewards

This trip i did not get my coupon for $3.99 taken off and a $2.00 reward taken off. My total out of pocket should have been $ .89 but i still got a good deal! I will be going back later in the week to straighten that out! 

Wal-mart trip 3/27

Heres todays Wal-Mart Trip!!

What i got..

5 Gain Dryer sheets -$1.87 each
1 Tic Tacs -$1.04
1 Cold N Cough toddler medicine $5.12

Before Coupons- $ 15.51
After Coupons- $ 1.08 ( .57  alone was tax!! =] )

Walgreeens Trip 3/27

Heres todays Walgreens Trip!

What i got...

2 Colgate Total Toothpastes 3.00 each
2 Coffemate creamers 3.50 ea
2 Renuzit Neutralizer- 2.99 BOGO
2 Skintimate Shaving creams-2.00 ea
1 Snickers Egg candy- .29
1 Speed stick mens deodorant- 1.99

Before Sales and coupons- $ 31.96
After sales and before coupons- $ 22.27
After Coupons/total paid- $5.22
Got back- $7.00 RR

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giant -Quick Small Grocery trip 3/26!

Ran in Giant real quick for a small "fill in the gaps" grocery. Here's our trip!

Before Coupons& sales-$ 97.06
After Sales & before Coupons- $86.32
After Coupons- $ 41.61
Got back a Catalina for a FREE gallon of Milk! 

What we got....

3 Hamburger Helpers
4 Kelloggs cereals
1 Lipton soup w/chicken
1 Loaf of sandwhich bread
1 Loaf of Italian bread
1 Coke 2 liter
2 Cans of Kidney beans
1 Kandoo wipes
1 Pebbles treats
1 Simply mashed potato
1 Package of sliced ham
1 Package of Ground Beef
6 Boxes of toaster strudels
1 Aunt Jemima pancakes
6 Hanover frozen vegetables
6 Hungry Men dinners
1 Digiorno Pizza
1 Package of Mozzarella cheese slices
1 Rotissere Chicken 
1 carry out Mac n cheese

total items- 41 
it's like paying 1.01 for each item! 

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Walgreens Trip 3/25/11

Heres yesterdays Trip!  First time back in a while!!

What we got!

2 Almay mascaras (bonus packs with eyeliners!) $5.59 Each (30% off!)
1 Plackers Floss Picks- $2.00
1 Almay Eye Shadow- $ 5.24
1 Almay Dial mascara - $ 5.59
1 Reese Cup(not pictured,didnt make it home! ha) - .69

Before Coupons- $ 24.70
After Coupons/total paid-$ 11.41
Got back - $ 22.00 In register Rewards! =)

Overall it was a great trip! I had an awesome Cashier who was extremely coupon friendly and allowed me to make as many transactions as needed! Thank you, if your reading! =)

I also met another Couponer and her daughter, and they were the sweetest!!  It was very nice meeting you both as well!! =)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 FREE Nutra-Nail Products at RiteAid!!

This Week Rite Aid has their nutra nail products BOGO. Use the BOGO coupon found HERE to get both for free! This coupon is limit ONE!!

FREE Suave Product!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rite Aid Highlights of the week!

Here are this weeks best deals that I see for Rite Aid..


*Reach ToothBrushes (+whitening ones!) - $2.99 get $2.00 Ups
Use the BOGO coupon from the 10/10/10 Redplum pay $2.99 for 2 get back $4.00 Ups!! MM!

* The Doctor's Night Guard (Advance kind!) $19.99 Get $15.00 Ups
Use the $5.00 Coupon HERE pay $15.00 Get $15.00 Ups! FREE!

* Blink Tears- $7.99 get $7.99 SCR

* Lysol Wipes- $1.99 get $1.00 Up
Buy 2 for 3.98 Use the $1.00/2 Coupon from the 3/6/11 SmartSource pay $2.98 for 2 get back $2.00 Ups and $1.00 SCR = FREE + .02 MM!


*Dial Nutriskin lotions - $3.99  get $1.00 up (limit ONE!) Spend $15.00 get $5.00 Up
Buy 4 @ $15.96 use 4 $1.00  = $11.96 Get $6.00 Ups = $5.96 for 4 or 1.49 Each

* Lady SpeedStick Deodorant - BOGO @ $2.99 Get $2.00 ups wyb 2
$2.99 BOGO get $2.00 Ups= .99 for 2 or .49 each

*Listerene Pocket Packs- $2.99 get $2.00 ups
Use the .50/1 Coupon from the 10/10/10 Redplum pay $2.49 get $2.00 Ups = .49

*Tugaboos RA brand diapers BOGO @ $9.99 = $5.00 each

That's all i see for this week, let me know if i missed anything!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rite Aid 3/20

Heres this weekends Trip to Rite Aid!!

What we got...

4 Dial Nutriskin lotions- 3.99 ea
2 Lysol wipes - 1.99 ea
1 Night Guard- 19.99
10 Trident Vitality Gum-1.03 ea
4 Reach Toothbrushes- 2.99 ea

Before Sales- $ 98.53
Before Coupons-$ 62.73
Total Paid- $ 8.30 (OUCH!hehe)
BUT got back $41.00 In rewards!!

We had used the BOGO Vitality coupons a week too early! OOPs! So that was almost $4.00 more than supposed to be! Oh well!  Still a great deal!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Let's Give this Reader a Hand!!

Theresa, its your turn in the spotlight!! 

Look at the great deals this reader scored!!! 


Here are some GREAT deals she got...

*She found Colgate for $1.09 had 1.00 off coupons  and got them for .09 each! 

*One of her trips was $68.10 , After coupons she paid only $25.00!! And that was her first trip!!

* She found tons of party stuff at her local Target at 75% off. Her total for $23.97 worth of stuff was just $7. 25!!

*One of the trips pictured, had a total value of $102.73 She paid....drumroll please..... only $36.10

Great Job Theresa, you are on a roll!! 

Got a trip you would like to share? Send a picture and your total OOP to sweeteasternsavings@yahoo.com

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Cheap Maybelline Lip Gloss at Rite Aid this week!

Rite Aid has all their maybelline products 40% off this week! To sweeten this deal they have a promo for buy $10 worth of maybelline cosmetics, get $3 Ups! Their ShineSensational glosses are originally $5.69 but $3.41 With the 40% off! Buy 3 @ $10.23 & use 3 of the $2.00 Coupons from the 2/6/11 Redplum, Pay $4.23 and get back $3.00 ups! That's just .41 each!!! What a great deal!! Stock up price for sure!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Monday, March 14, 2011

CHEAP Renuzit Neutralizer at Rite Aid!

There is a great printable coupon now that makes for some cheap renuzit neutralizer this week!
Rite Aid has these on sale for Buy one Get one Free @ $2.99. Use 2 of the $1.00 coupons found HERE and pay .99 for both!! That's just .49 a bottle!!


Let's Give this Reader a Hand!!

This Week's Spotlight moment belongs to Stephanie S ! She got Everything pictured above for Just Tax!! Way to go Steph!

Got a trip you would like to share? Send a picture and your total OOP to sweeteasternsavings@yahoo.com

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My Rite Aid Trip 3/13

Ran in on my way to visit some fam...

What i got...

2 Little Remedies Meds- $3.99 ea
2 kids Chloraseptic- $3.99 ea
1 Loral 360 Clean- $4.99
2 Motrin PM- $3.00 ea
1 Thermacare 3ct- $6.99
1 Vicks Synex- $5.99
1 Puffs Tissue- .88

Before Sales- $71.10
After sales before coupons-$ 40.81
After Coupons/total paid- .53
Got back- $ 17.00 In Rewards!

FREE kids Toothbrushes! Genuardi's /Safeway

Genuardis/Safeway has the Reach kids toothbrushes on sale for $1.99 each this week! There is a catalina going on as well....


Buy 2, Get $1
Buy 3, Get $2
Buy 4 or more, Get $4

The deal works out to be this..

Buy 4 of the kids toothbrushes @ $1.99 ea

$7.96 - (4x) $1.00/1 Coupon from the 1/9/11 Smart Source= $3.96 get a $4.00 Catalina for buying 4!

Free or Cheap Purina One Beyond Pet Food!!

In yesterday's SmartSource insert, there were coupons for a FREE up to $3.00, Bag of Purina One Beyond Cat food! The coupon also states that it can also be $3.00 Off any purchase of this cat food. Some places have it as low as $3.99 Making it just .99 each after Coupon!

Right next to this coupon was a $3.00 Off ANY purina one beyond Dog food. This one does not state free , but You can still score great deals with the  $3.00 off!

Remember, there are some coupons out to get Cheap dog food, read my post about it HERE!

Drugstore Highlights 3/13/11 CVS

Here are the best deals i see for CVS this week!


*Crest Pro Health toothpaste, Floss or Mouthwash- $3.49 Get back $2.50 ECBs

Buy the toothpaste, Use the $1.00 coupon from the 2/27 P&G insert, Pay $2.49 , get back $2.50 =FREE

*Tena UltraThing Pads 32-42ct - $9.99 get $9.99 ECBs

Use the Coupon HERE for $2.50 off any one, pay $7.49 get back $9.99= FREE+ $2.50 MoneyMaker

*Thermaflu Daytime severe cold travel sized 1 ct. package- .99 get back .99 ECB

Use the $2.00/1 Coupon from HERE pay nothing get .99 ECB= FREE + Money maker!


*Dial Nutriskin Lotion- $4.99 Get $3.00 ECBs

Use the $1.00 off coupon from todays paper, pay $3.99 get $3.00 ECBS= .99 !! Great price!

*Dentek Floss Picks- $ 2.99 Get $2.00 ECB when you buy  $5.00 worth.

Buy 2, use 2 of the $1.00 Coupons from the 1/9/11 Smart source, pay $3.98 Get $2.00 ECBs= $1.98 for both!

* RightGuard Deodorants- $ 2.99 Getr $1.00 ECB

Buy 2, use the BOGO coupon from the 3/13/11 Redplum insert pay $2.99 for 2, get back $2.00 ECBs= .99 for both!

*Pampers Box - $20  Spend $25.00 On any of the products listed incl. pampers, get $10.00 ECBs
There are many coupons out for this! Some mailers!

*Clean & Clear body wash- $ 2.99
Use the $2.00 Coupon found HERE = .99!

*Purex 3in1 Laundry Sheets- $3.99
Use the $3.00/1 Coupon from the  2/20/11 Redplum = .99 !

Drugstore Highlights 3/13/11 - Rite Aid

Here are the good deals i see at Rit Aid for this week!


*Little Remedies Childrens Meds- $3.99 Get a $3.00 Up reward

Use the $1.00 Coupon HERE , pay $2.99 & Get $3.00 Back= FREE!

*Purex Crystals -$3.99 Get $1.00 Up reward

Use the $2.00 Coupon from the 3/13/11 Redplum, AND stack with the $1.00 VV coupon, Pay .99 Get back $1.00 - FREE

*Motrin PM - $3.00 Get $1.00 Up reward

Buy 2, use the $6.00/2 Coupon from the 1/9/11 Smart Source, pay NOTHING and get back $2.00 Ups! =FREE Plus $2.00 Money Maker!

*Thermacare Patches - $ 6.99

Use the $1.00 In ad Coupon  AND stack with the $3.00 Coupon found HERE pay $2.99 get back a $3.00 UP= FREE!

* Reach Floss 55 yards- $1.00 
Use the $1.00 Coupon from the  1/9/11 Smart source = FREE!


*Loreal Go 360 clean Cleanser -  $4.99

Use the $1.00 Coupon from the 1/30/11 Redplum AND stack with the $2.00 In ad Coupon = $1.99

*BodyHeat patches- $1.00
Use the .50 Peelies on them = .50 ea

*Pine Sol - 2/$4.00 ( also part of spend $10.00 get back a $3.00 Up reward!)
Use the $1.00/1 Coupon found HERE, hit the back button, print twice, get 2 for $2.00!

* Dixie Plates- $1.97 each

Buy 3, Use the $5.00/3 VV coupon and get all three for .91

*Gain Fabric Softener- $4.88
Use the $3.00 coupon from the 2/13/11 Redplum insert= $1.88

* Right Guard Men's deo / and or bodywash- $3.00

Buy 2 and use the BOGO coupon from 3/13/11 Redplum insert, pay $3.00 for 2 thats just $1.50 each!

* Soft Scrub Cleaners- 2/$5.00
Use the $1.00/1 Coupons from the 3/13/11 Redplum insert, get them for $1.50 each

These are also part of spend $15 get a $3 up reward!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

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25% Off Bill at TGI Fridays!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My "Up rewards were expiring today" Trip! (RA 3/12)

Went to Rite aid to use up some up rewards that expire today!!

What we got...

2 RA brand tugaboos Diapers- 7.19 ea
1 Venus razor multipack- 6.99
1 No Xplode Shot- 3.19
1 Altoids- .99
1 Ice cubes gum- 2.63

Before sales-$ 37.75
Before coupons-$ 28.18
After coupons/total paid - .19

Walmart Trip 3/12 !!

We Had a GREAT trip to Wal-Mart today!

What We got...

11 Purex 3in1 Deterg./Fabric Sof- .97 ea (travel)
6 Gain Dryer Sheets- 1.87 ea
3 Great Value Apple juice- 1.97 ea
2 Tropicana Orange Juice- 5.98 ea
1 Gallon of Milk- 3.92
1 Welch's Juice- 2.97
1 Scotts 6 roll Papertowels-5.97

Before Coupons- $ 52.62
After Coupons- $2.62
Total paid- $5.94 (  and they didn't scan one 3.00 Coupon! Bummer!)
also,  $1.32 was tax!!!!

In the end, even though they skipped a $3.00 it was a great trip!!