Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing is Free....right?

A lot of the times people will become afraid to sign  up for free samples. The first things they think are

A. I dont want them having my address

B. I don't want a lot of junk mail in my inbox.

& C. Whats the point of signing up for these, nothing is free, doubt they will come.


A. Yes, they do get your address but i promise no one will be knocking on your door! If anything, its great that these companies have your address, they sometimes send out some high value coupons throughout the year! If it was not safe, i wouldn't be giving out my address or my mother and grandmothers! & I would not be giving you guys the links to sign up for them!

B. Yes,  95% of the time they will send newsletters and "junk" mail. This is why I have a separate email that i use when i sign up for stuff! This way my personal inbox, stays personal.

C. I have nothing to say to this, but i do have something to show for it....Heres my "Travel box" Which is where i put all of my samples and when i go away, i'm set!!

And that's that! Now sign up for those freebies!!!