Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Current Stockpile

People often wonder how long it takes to create a stockpile. My answer? Not long at all. I started couponing 3 years ago and had an awesome stockpile! I could probably feed and take care of  my family, keep us all clean and even the house clean  for a year for free! Well, september 10th 2010 i got it ripped away from me in a fire. I had NOTHING. not one single product that i worked hard for. Not one coupon, not one cent, Hell, i didn't even have a shoe! I was so grateful to be alive and have my family by my side.  I didn't worry too  much because i knew i was not going to give up and i would pick it right back up and start again! That sunday, I bought all 10 of my papers. Rebuilt my binders. And here is my *small* next to what i had but growing stockpile of non edibles.... 

so as you can see, im not a hoarder. It may not seem like a  lot , but I have enough of each item to last me 6-12 months. Everything else  that i get so many of, i share with family and friends. I also have a food stockpile  which i am reorganizing this weekend. (Will have pictures up monday or tuesday!) Anyway, this just shows that it really doesn't take much time. 4-8 Shopping trips a month for 5 and half months is all it took to get me here. And remember, i've given lots away! Anyone can do this, and it is very worth it!!!