Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rite Aid Trip 3/27

Heres todays Rite Aid trip!  I must say im not too happy about this one due to the cashier taking some coupons that he never scanned. Still did pretty good though!

What we got...

2 AirWick freshmatics $6.49 ea (one not pictured since already in use! hehe)
2 Old Spice Body washes- $3.99 ea
2 Old Spice Deodorants- $ 2.50 ea
2 Stayfree pads- $2.49 ea
10 Trident Vitality Gums- 1.29 BOGO 

Before Sales and Coupons- $ 63.84
After Sales and before Coupons-$ 32.49
After Coupons and total paid- $ 6.88
Got back - $ 5.49 In rewards

This trip i did not get my coupon for $3.99 taken off and a $2.00 reward taken off. My total out of pocket should have been $ .89 but i still got a good deal! I will be going back later in the week to straighten that out!