Friday, March 11, 2011

No More Rack, My favorite Daily Deals site!

I have a thing for daily deals sites. I make sure to check them everyday. I am now going to share with you my favorite one of all time! NoMoreRack! I Love this site! Everyday at 12 noon EST. they add new deals! They usually have one per category such as, 1 toy for kids, 1 for the home, 1 for women, 1 for men, stuff like that. The best Part? Shipping is only $2.00 per item!! They are known for super fast shipping and for great deals!  Now, i wont lie some days can be boring for me ( could be great for others) and some days i just want to jump and get the deals! Todays deals which go live in an hour and 15 minutes, are going to include a cute ruffled wrap dress for $12,  Simpsons Scene it game for $7.00 ,etc. Make sure to bookmark the site and check it daily, you never know what you'll find! Click HERE to sign up and you will receive a $10.00 Credit or $10 off any $20 purchase!! Enjoy!! Let me know what deals you score!!