Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Covergirl Lip Perfection Review!

Covergirl is at it again! It seems like they are always coming out with great products and seems like they keep competing with themselves!  I have always been a fan of covergirl cosmetics! I recently had a chance to try their new Lip Perfection Lipsticks! I must say when i first saw the color, i was a little scared to try it because it just seemed so dark for me ! Well, i gave it a shot  anyway and it was GORGEOUS! The color was one of those " what you see is what you get " colors. The color on the bottom is exactly the color once applied. One thing i loved about the lipstick was how moisturizing  it was! It felt as if i were wearing chapstick! The other thing i liked was the scent! THERE WAS NONE! I am so sick of buying lipsticks that taste and smell like burned rubber! This one had no horrible scent! Wahoo!  Now, there was ONE thing i did not like about this product and that was the staying power! It did last for about 4 hours which is okay but it certainly isn't an all day wear product! It actually left a "blood" like tint to my lips once it started to fade which made it hard to remove! It's okay for those who reapply lipstick during the day anyway but if you are in front of people all day and don't have a minute to re-apply, i would say to stay away from this product!  At least during work hours! If you are going out at night, go for it! Another thing i must say that i liked was the color selection! They currently have 44 YES 44 shades to chose from! That is AMAZING! The possibilities are endless! They have perfect shades for just about any skin tone out there!  They are grouped in Browns, Lilacs/mauves/burgundies, Nudes/corals/reds & Pinks to roses! I give this product a B+ and i WOULD recommend this to anyone! Just remember if your wearing it to work, reapply and have some great makeup remover wipes and your set!

*Color used - 325 spellbound

Note- I am with Bzzagent.Product was sent to me for  free. All opinions are my own.