Sunday, November 7, 2010

How i organize my coupons!

I get asked all the time what i do with all of my coupons and how do i keep them somewhere where i won't forget them or lose them. Well today is the day where i will SHOW you how i do it! Enjoy! Any questions, please feel free to email me @!

 First i grab 5 of the same booklets and spread them out on the table! Then i grab all of the same page and put them together into one stack.

From there i staple each coupon ( on the photo of the product, not the barcode!!!) I do this because it makes it easier for me and makes it so that i only cut once and have all the copies of the same coupon  at my fingertips and im ready to store!

3rd step, i take them all after they have been stapled and make a pile of them and put them aside for cutting and filing into my binder!

Next step, i grab all of my "extra" inserts(any other than the 5 i store in my binders)  and i do the same thing as i did with the first booklets. Put the same pages together and staple them. The only difference is, i only staple these pages once somewhere where there is no coupon. I do this so when i need them i can go ahead and cut whatever amount of the same coupon out instead of searching threw pages and pages to find each one!

After i staple them together i make 2 piles. One with the 5 booklets for my binder
and one for the coupon booklets that are going to be filed!

This is my " Coupon Booklet Filer" This is where
i put all of my extra coupon booklets!
This is what it looks like inside. I have them
sorted by date and inside that date's folder, i
have all of the coupon book "extras" that i got on that sunday!

This is the new tab i made for this weeks Coupons!

And in they go!

These are the coupons that i am going to actually cut and sort into my binder.

This is the last step for organizing them, i have my binder divided into
categories such as Hair Care, Facial Care, Cleaning,Pets,Baby, etc.
(I will get into more detail about my binder at a later time!)

Now as for the filer, I bet you are wondering how do i figure out where a specific
coupon is...well there is a database. As seen in the screen cap below. Lets say you
were looking for a Glad coupon because it is on sale this week. You would
start typing "Glad" and BAM a list of all the coupons will pop up! It will
tell you the source of the coupon which means which booklet and which
sunday it came out and when it expires!  In this case we are going to say
we want the 10/31 Smart source for the trash bags coupon! Let's go get it!

I would go to my file box now that i know which date, and i would go to the 10/31 folder and pull out the P&G booklet.

Then i would go through the booklet and find the Glad coupon, once i've found it, i cut out as many copies as i need of the coupon! For example i want to get 2 boxes of trash bags, i would cut out 2 of the glad trash bag coupons! 

Time to go shopping!! =) Hope this answered everyones questions!!